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Board, Cathy Garcia

Founder, Philanthropy Con Cafe

Cathy has mobilized over $50 million in philanthropic resources for community leaders working at the intersection of economic and racial justice.  Most recently, she led a national learning network of funders providing nonprofit capacity building through technology at Resilia.  She served in program leadership roles at the Robin Hood, Prudential Foundation, and Citi Foundation and started her career as an organizer in NYC communities fighting for environmental justice. She founded Philanthropy Con Cafe, a digital media outlet and boutique consultancy dedicated to shifting narratives and practices in philanthropy.  She is Esperanza’s daughter, a sister, a partner, and a relentless advocate of mental health access for all.

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Board, andrea Flores

Andrea Flores has spent her professional career in production working for companies like Disney and Netflix, yet she does not define herself through these phases of her career. Instead, she has also sought to give back to the Latinx/Latiné community by being a Founding Board Member for Techqueria and now, Proyecto Sol. She has a Masters in Cyber Policy from Utica College. 

Andrea, a true Tejana, currently resides in Los Angeles with her dog, Alebrije.


Board, David Johnson

David is Professional Clinical Counselor and Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor with experience in employee assistance programs, early psychosis, residential treatment centers, wraparound, k-12 schools, community clinics, and career centers. In these positions, he empowers diverse clients to set and achieve therapeutic goals by using solution-focused, cognitive behavioral, and motivational interviewing techniques.

David is a seasoned mental health care provider with 15 years of experience specializing in motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and solution-focused practice. His work is based on a theoretical framework based on holistic psychology concepts pioneered by Alfred Adler.

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Advisor, Ingid Avendaño

Ingrid is a Senior Software Engineer and has worked in tech for over a decade. She enjoys solving tough problems, scaling distributed systems, and hacking on hardware in her free time while also sailing the Bay. 

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